2000 Invitation

The Jeff Butler Anti Classic Invitational Golf Tournament
Thursday, September 21, 2000
Dentonia Park Golf Course (Victoria Park and Danforth Ave.)
Tee-Off: 1 PM, Refreshments: 12 Noon
Entrance Fee: $19.00 (Canadian)

In this millennial year of time-honoured tournaments and classic courses (Augusta, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Valha…, well, whatever), the Dentonia Park Golf Course, which has justifiably earned its place as the jewel in the Greater Toronto Area Parks and Recreation golf crown, will be home once again to the Jeff Butler Anti-Classic Invitational, to be held Thursday, September, 21st. This is your non-transferable invitation.

Does Dentonia dare to be held in such regal company as these other course? Consider, if you will,  Dentonia Creek itself. The way in which the creek meanders throughout the property, the way in which the water between its banks courses over the pebbled bed, droplets glinting in the sun, tell me if it that water does not behave in exactly the same manner as the H 2 O in Rae’s Creek as that fabled rivulet rambles through Augusta National.

(Consider also, that just as no golfer who has ever won the par three at Augusta has gone on to win The Masters, so no golfer who has won The Masters has gone on to triumph at the par three JBACI at Dentonia!)

Pebble Beach. The Par 3 Seventh Hole. In its elevation and length, this signature classic is as close a replica of the 11th at Dentonia as can be encountered on the entire PGA Tour.

(Certainly, there may be some nitpickers who could point out that the vista of Carmel Bay and the Pacific Ocean is no match for the view of Crescent Town from Dentonia’s 11th tee box, but who among us cannot grant that the challenge of the one is not the equal of the other?)

Cast your mind’s eye now to St. Andrews. Home of golf. The fabled Road

Hole. The majestic clubhouse perched so magificently above the heather.

It would take a cold heart and a feeble imagination indeed not capable of summoning up similar images of the Subway Hole at Dentonia and the neo-Soviet style displayed in the architecture of the Victoria Park TTC station. (And once aga∞in, this 18th green, with its natural amphitheatre, will play home to the gallery of competitors who have finished their round and are afforded a once in a lifetime view of the Closest To The Pin competition.)

Enough, though, of extolling the virtues of the site of this year’s Anti Classic. These virtues are already well known to the throngs of past competitors, as is the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship.

Let us cut, as it were, to the chase, and the specific rules governing the chase for

the coveted Hickory Putter:

Jeff Butler Anti Classic Invitational 2000

Official Rules

Three clubs and three clubs only are allowed, one of which may be a putter. (As is tradition, Defending Low Gross Champion Grant Larsen will be required to play with said hickory shafted putter.)

As regards clubs, there has been much ballyhoo this past year about the Callaway driver banned from tournaments governed by the USGA. After much deliberation a

nd discussion, the Rules Committee has decided to allow use of this controversial club for those competitors who desired the added distance it purportedly brings to one’s game.

With this sole exception, strict CPGA rules of golf apply, as always — not only at the insistence of the Rules Committee, but also that of CPGA Pro Derek Halfyard, who can ill afford to have the stain of sanctions applied to his heretofore unsullied course.

Also, rest assured that there will be no cash prizes awarded, so that all competitors may retain their hard fought amateur status.

Green friendly spikes are mandatory this year, and as for dress code, the Dress Committee and course management will both be scrupulous in disallowing any competitors whose shirts are not bedecked with sleevesò.

On the 21st itself, refreshments, sandwiches and other light comestibles will be available on the patio beginning at noon. We regret that the singular esteem in which Dentonia Park is held means that it does not have reciprocity with any other golf clubs, and so is unable to honour hospitality chits from other organizations.

Play will commence at 1 PM sharp, the opening foursome consisting of last year’s Trophy Winners: the aforementioned Grant Larsen, Bryan Duckworth (Low Net Champion), Ted Thompson (Closest to  the Pin) and Jim Murphy (Most Honest Golfer).

Other foursomes will be put together on the spot by the Tournament Chairman in his usual outwardly frantic but inwardly serene manner.

Upon completion of the Tournament refreshments will again be available on the patio on a cash basis and competitors who wish to partake in the entire pageantry may then proceed to The VOX restaurant for complimentawry snacks, further cash basis refreshments and the Awards Presentation.

The Chair of the Organizing Committee apologizes for the tardiness of this epistle. Due to the lateness of the correspondence, he will not require cheques in advance (Tournament Entrance Fee $19.00 Canadian), but would very much appreciate an RSVP. It may be mailed, e-mailed, faxed or telephoned in to the attention of:

Jeff Butler

Chair, Invitation Committee,

Jeff Butler Anti Classic Invitational

c/o The Ongoing Partnership,

65 St. Clair Ave. E., 9th Floor,

Toronto, Ontario

M4T 2Y3

e-mail: j.butler@topinc.com

fax: (416) 972-1471

phone: (416) 993-6536