2003 Invitation

Dear Jeff Butler Anti Classic Invitational Invitee

As you know, it is not unusual for a tournament of the JBACI’s stature to be at the forefront and amidst the maelstrom of the big stories in the grand old game.

For instance, the Tournament and its host site, the renowned Dentonia Park Golf Course, were among the first to pioneer the use of synthetic tee-turf and composite articulated concrete tee boxes. When the USGA banned the Callaway C4 driver due to the ‘trampoline effect’, we issued a statement allowing the use of the club (as one of the three clubs total) for those players who felt they needed that little bit of extra distance off the tee, especially on the first hole. On the matter of ‘V’ and ‘U’ grooves, the Dentonia Park Golf Course has had any U- grooved clubs in its wide assortment of vintage Johnny Revoltas, Sweet Flites, Pin Hi and MasterCraft products. I suspect it never will.

This year, perhaps predictably and inevitably, certainly regrettably, we have become the latest target for Martha Burk and the NCOW’s campaign to address what they perceive to be a discrimination against women in  golf.

In the interest of full disclosure and to keep our invitees fully apprised of the situation, I am enclosing a copy of the letter received from Ms. Burk as well as the Tournament Chairman’s response.

We fully expect that Ms. Burk will be contacting all of the 36 women (and one man, please note enclosed photo) who participated in the NCOW’s protest in Augusta, Georgia earlier this year.

While we, of course, are not privy to their plans, we feel that they will use a divide and conquer strategy and have 18 women posted at the parking lot entrance just north of Danforth Avenue on Victoria Park, with the rest of the contingent assembled in the Crescent Town subway station entrance to the club.

I would like to inform invitees to the tournament that I have been in touch with officials of Metropolitan Toronto and the SWAT team of the Public Works Department and they have given me full assurance that they will have all the personnel necessary ready and waiting so that participants can get to the clubhouse without harassment for the traditional 12 Noon tube steak and malt beverage luncheon before the 1:00 PM tee-off.

You may recall that Ms. Burk and her cohorts also attempted to apply pressure to the sponsors of the Masters Tournament and the Masters graciously did not request the participation of sponsors in order to relieve those sponsors of the burden of having to deal with the pressure of the NCOW’s campaign..

Similarly, while we are all very grateful for the donations to the prize table of the JBACI over the years, we do not wish to put our sponsors at risk, so there will not be any Schneiders Hot Rods tee-shirts, 5-flower gift certificates, IBM ‘stress balloons’ or ball caps from film production companies this year. The broadcast of the tournament will not be effected in any way.

The specifics of the tournament follow in the rich tradition of the ‘Anti-Classic’:

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Dentonia Park Golf Course (Victoria Park Ave. and Danforth Ave., Toronto)

12:00 Luncheon

1:00 Tee-Off

Post-Tournament-Cordials in the Clubhouse

Post-Cordials-in-the-Clubhouse Cordials at Betty’s (King St. and Sherbourne St.)

Entrance Fee: $25

To reserve your place, please send a cheque or money order (We have been advised by Canada Post to warn against sending significant amounts of cash in the mails) to:

Jeff Butler


Jeff Butler Anti Classic Invitational

61 Castle Frank Crescent

Toronto, ON

M4W 3A2