2011 Invitation

September 14, 1996. Where were you on that day? Where were you on that day when four sodden men of the game of golf stepped stepped out onto the first tee of the Dentonia Park Golf Club and made golf history by becoming the first participants in the Jeff Butler Anti Classic Invitational.

Could they have known then that their brave excursion would blaze the way for countless others who have played in this competition each year since that date – on the third Wednesday of the ninth month – there on the hallowed verdant fairways of what is still fondly referred to as the jewel in of the Metro Parks Department golf club crown?

Could they have known then that slackers, ne’erdowells and other misfits would attend this autumn ritual coming from as far away as Kitchener and Waterloo on the west and Brooklyn (Ontario) on the east in this fair province of ours.

At that seminal event, the idea was still so fresh in the alleged mind of Jeff Butler that the by now oft-photographed trophies that have become such a source of envy and pride had not even been conceived of.

One time awards were given out to the competitors. Dale Maksymyk, the inaugural winner of the JBACI, was given a cheque for $250,000 which he stiil  has encased in plastic and which is, sadly, not now negotiable as it is more than a year old.

The most honest golfer was the late Martin Keen, who made the trek from Simcoe, Ontario, one assumes with the motto of the US Postal Service and its refusal to bow down to the elements beating in his heart and ringing in his ears. (The mists of time have shrouded whatever prize was awarded to Martin and I don;t seem to be able to retrieve the information. Possibly too many Heinekens raised in tribute.

A special award was also given to Fraser Douglas, who put the ball closest to the pin, but did not receive car but rather a framed TTC ticket, when such things were still around before the people in charge of moving a half a million people a day through Canada’s largest and North America’s 15th largest city decided to go to to a token system.

Last and least, the Chairman of the Tournament awarded himself the Most Honest Golfer award.

It was from these humble beginnings that the JBAI sprung forth, almost fully realized, intot he event it is these years later.

It has been stated on more than one occasion that the Chairman has been a little lax in getting the invitations out on time and that if he were to send them out a little bit earlier, then people could make arrangements to be able to properly book it into their calendar.

Well, fifteen weeks from today we will be celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the Jeff Butler Anti Classic Invitational. Each Wednesday from now until then we will be reliving some of the high and owlights, so that evertyone has aple opportunity to book ahead.