The Holes

1 Whoa Nellie

The first tee shot is on a green sloped back to front and right to left, so approach it from beneath the hole.

2 Dandelion & Plantain

This will be words about the second hole

3 Crescent Town

This is the stuff about hole number 3 three

4 The Road Hole

Your first thought might be to tee it high and let it fly from this elevated tee to a very large green. But a chip to the downhill fairway will feed the ball to the centre of the green, where you can do a great putt for par or better.

5 Eau de Sewer

This will be about the wonderful essence you get form being close to the water.

6 Let The Lap Dog Eat

This is supposed to be a joke about the big dog eats, bit you don’t eed to drive it THAT far.

7 Concrete and Cobblestone

This tee combines the best of both.

8 Thirst Quencher

This is where one can finally get a beer and a sandwich.

9 Chain Link

This is where you can go to the place where the guy used to have the car.

10 Safety Net

There is a big back stop so you can’t hit the other guys on Tee 11

11 Put Your X Here

Other courses have signature holes, we have one where you put you ‘X’

12 Squirelly

I don’t know why I called this squirelly.

13 Cripple Creek

This is the one where you club selection comes into play.

14 Dumpster Drive

We like to have a lot some dumpsters form the CIty of Toronto here so that it can put you off your game.

15 Lowest of the Low

Need a better name for this but I’m not sure what it could be..

16 Canada Cement LaFarge

This teebox may be the best one on the course.

1 and 2 Bdrms Available

This is named after the signs that can be seen in the distance like lining up the steeple on the old course.

The Subway Hole

Well, of course it has to be the subway hole.