The Rules

1. Attendance and Participation

1.1 As noted in the name, the Jeff Butler Anti Classic is an invitational tournament.

1.12 All invitations are reviewed and approved by the Invitation Committee, and as you can imagine many hours go into figuring out exactly what number of participants will show up on ‘the big day’ and at what hour.

1.13 Please refrain from extending invitations to other golfers you may know. The Invitation Committee is certainly receptive to adding invitees to the list, but we ask that you send the names to the committee for review.

1.14 In almost all cases, the suggested participants will encounter o obstacles in the rigorous approval process, and we look forward to welcoming them into the tournament.

1.2. As a final note on this topic, invitees are reminded that their invite in on-transferable.

2. Foursomes and Groupings

Whereas: The Event Committee bears the sole and formidable responsibility for the foursome groupings.

2.1 Each year they exhibit a tremendous amount of forethought and sensitivity in putting together kindred spirits with the goal of ensuring that all will have an enjoyable golf experience as they tour the verdant fairways of the Dentonia Park links.

2.2 Many a lifelong friendship has germinated and/or bloomed at the Anti Classic and we trust competitors who are dismayed that they will not be able to spend 3 hours away from their best golfing buddy will welcome all to their foursomes with the intent of the William Butler (no relation) Yeats quote: “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met.”

3. Dress Code

3.1 The Etiquette and Harberdashery Committee as always accommodates a wide variety of vestments and sarotiral expressions, but must accede to the rules of the City of Toronto Department of Parks, Forestry and Recreation as well our gracious hosts the Dentonia Park Golf Course and insist that all shirts must have sleeves.

4. Equipment

4.1 Clubs
Competitors are allowed three clubs and three clubs only, one of which may be a putter. For the purposes of restricting the use and alarming popularity of ball retrievers, a ball retriever will count as a club.

4.12 The previous year’s Low Gross Champion is required to use the oak shafted putter enshrined in the trophy itself as one of his three clubs. If the previous year’s champion is unable to attend, the honour will retrogress to the participant who is the most recent Low Gross champion.

4.13 Again, our hosts prohibit the use of drivers, although woods, ‘metals’ or hybrid clubs designated with a standard loft/lie designation of 5 or higher may be included in the golfers bag.

4.2 Other Equipment

4.21 CPGA rules apply to other equipment.

5. Play

RCGA rules apply to all play, with the exception of these local rules:

5.1 Hole 1: If the golfer puts the ball onto Victoria Park Avenue on their tee shot they are required to pay for alcoholic refreshents for everyone in their foursome at the first possible opportunity.